Thanks to a grant from ACCES-VR, the New York Disability Vote Network (NYDVN) was established by the Center for Disability Rights in the summer of 2013. The nonpartisan voting initiative is geared towards people with disabilities and people supportive of disability-related issues in the state of New York. There are four parts that make up the NYDVN:


Together, we work to build, solidify, and unify a large disability voting bloc in New York. We do this by growing and maintaining a database of voters who care about disability issues and informing them of important voting information via email and social media. We also connect with dedicated, like-minded organizations and share resources.

Fact Sheet


Established: June 2013

Operated by: Center for Disability Rights

Coordinated by: Ericka Jones

Goals of program: To add the information of 5,000 voters who care about disability issues to the NYDVN database; to mobilize the disability vote; to connect like-minded organizations.

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